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The Story

DarulArqum is a non-profit charitable organization, based in Gloucester South, aiming to seek  pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'Ala serving the needs of muslim community in Ottawa and  Canada at large. Our first project is to establish a Masjid/ islamic place of worship and reformation  in Gloucester South, close vicinity of Riverside South & Findlay Creek, with an islamic institution  of learning and a center for community services. We encourage you to sign-up the DarulArqum  membership (  

In early 2019 Darul Arqum started looking for a land or property. Meanwhile, DarulArqum started  renting the gymnasium at Rideauview Center and commenced the weekly Friday services, Juma  salat with occasional community events. We also appreciate our City Councillor, Ms. Carol Anne Meehan, who always encouraged us and offered help whenever needed. November 2019, we  got into a purchase agreement for property at 4269 Limebank Rd. with a closing date of May 30th  2020. We thank our councilor as well since she also identified this place as a potential for us while  we sought her advice during the exploration. 


Being a new emerging organization, raising funds has been a challenge and it further increased  with emergence of the pandemic. At DarulArqum we have full faith in Allah Azza' wa Jal and  determined to achieve our objectives. We keep ourselves attached with the authentic islamic  scholars for guidance. July 30th 2020 after extending the closing date for 2 month we were able  to close the deal to acquire the property at 4269 Limebank Rd. However, we had to do borrowing  through personal loans and a major commercial loan at islamic terms.


Our immediate goals are to renovate the property for effective servicing, initiate the re-zoning  process with the city, assessing and fulfilling the requirements through a proper professional  process. We are not going for a huge project but minimal alterations to convert the current  structure into a masjid with facilities to serve as school and a center for essential community  services. 


The current expenses include loan servicing that includes cost of borrowing, bills and taxes,  operating costs and necessary renovations as needed. 


We are now offering five times salat at the facilities following the city and public health guidelines.  At present we encourage only the community in the immediate neighborhood to attend so that we  can limit the number of people.

Darul Arqum will become a destination of expectation not only for the Muslim community of National Capital Region but also Canada at large insha'Allah.         

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