Salat/Prayers Iqamah Timings

Please arrive before iqama.

During Lockdown Restrictions the door will be opened only till iqama timings and will remain closed during salat/ prayers being offered. Facemask and Own Prayer mat is required. Please register before entering

Saltul Fajr


Apr. 1st to 5th:        5:25 AM

Apr. 6th to 10th:    5:20 AM

Apr. 11 to 15th:      5:10 AM

Apr. 16th to 20th: 5:00 AM

Apr. 21st to 25th: 4:50 AM

Apr. 26th to 30th: 4:40 AM

Salatul Asr

Iqamah: 6:00 PM

Salatul Isha:


Apr. 1st to 10th:       9:30 PM

Apr. 11th  to 20th:  9:45 PM

Apr. 21st to 30th:  10:00 PM

Salatuz Zuhr

Iqamah: 1:30 PM

Salatul Maghrib (at Sunset)

5 min. after Adhan

Salatul Juma

Khutbah: 1:15 PM 

Iqamah: After Khutbah

"Salat is the key to the Paradise (Al-Jannah)"


(Sahih Muslim, Vol 1, No. 549)

“Whoever performs Wudu…and does it well, then walks to the obligatory prayer, and offers the prayer with the people, or with the congregation, or in the Masjid, Allah will forgive his sins.”