Allah SWT has enabled DarulArqum to acquire property at

4269 Limebank Rd,

Riverside South, Ottawa

We thank Allah the Almighty and  for your support with request to donate generously and get DarulArqum

relieved from the loans

And Complete all requirements to

make it a masjid



Sheikh Saood Hasan

every Thursday 

at 8:30 PM on Zoom





Sheikh Saood Hasan

every Wednesday 

at 8:30 PM on Zoom

First Masjid in Riverside South: 4269 Limebank Rd. Ottawa, ON

Lets build it together. We  will do it inshaAllah.


Perpetual Prayer Timings for Ottawa - Please adjust according to your neighbourhood

Rideauview Community Centre, all City and School Boards facilities are closed 

No Juma/ Friday prayers till the facilities are open again or next update.

613-618-9989 | 613-709-2329

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